Our approach to ESG

Our Approach to ESG


Our Approach to Environmental, Social, and Governance

BoardRoom and its subsidiaries (“the Group”) believes in being a responsible corporate citizen and protecting future generations by assessing the environmental, social, and governance aspects of our business. We strive to ensure that as our business grows these aspects are seen as vital pieces to our success.


The Group recognises that the sustainability of our business needs to have a positive impact on the environment we live in. Effective environmental management will help us succeed in making a meaningful impact. We are optimising our capabilities and going paperless by successfully moving to Cloud-Based Systems, reducing our carbon footprint, and implementing more environmentally conscious changes in the future. We value the importance of bringing awareness to our employees to consciously take steps in looking after the environment and preserving it for our future generations.


The Group understands that we play an important role in the societies and communities in which we operate.  As our Group grows and expands, we take meaningful efforts to contribute to these societies and communities through charities, donations, and active participation by our employees through volunteering and helping the less fortunate.


The governance of the Group is vital to our growth as an organisation in the societies and communities within which we operate. Trust is critical to success and proper governance ensures that our employees and our businesses conduct themselves professionally, responsibly, and respectfully.

The areas that we ensure strict levels of governance and compliance with include; human rights, discrimination, harassment, whistleblowing, anti-corruption and bribery, conflicts of interest and anti-modern slavery and human trafficking.