Our approach to DEI

Our Approach to DEI


Our Approach to Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

A culture of hard work and dedication is important at BoardRoom. We hire great individuals that contribute to our team and let their work be ambassadors for our business. We strive to be an organisation where equality is upheld, and we do not judge based on culture, race, gender, and religion. We look at the individual and the contributions they bring based on their experience, knowledge, motivation, and dedication.

To show our keen interest in promoting our diverse and inclusive culture, we are pledgers with Singapore’s Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices (“TGFEP”), in Hong Kong we follow the Equal Opportunity in Employment: Good Management practices, in Australia we comply and hire based on Australia’s Fair Work Act, and in Malaysia we adopt the same principles to ensure fair employments practices in Malaysia.

This is reflected in our employee handbook and demonstrates to the community our continuous efforts to ensure that BoardRoom remains a competitive, diverse, inclusive, and merit-based employer.